I’ve reached quite a number of followers lately. I’m almost near my next thousand and since i’ll be busy for the next few days, i’ll just post it now.
This is a ((FOLLOWER)) giveaway. Meaning it’s only for the people following me. This is my way of showing them thanks.
Option 1: $40 worth of merch or anything you would like. May it be a dvd or a limited edition of an album or if you want me to buy you $40 worth of chicken nuggets that’s cool too.
Option 2: You see that picture up there? the bap/infinite/block b albums? You can choose 3 of those. 
Option 3: A signed album of B.A.P (Hajima or No Mercy only)
You must be following me.
Reblog how many times you like but please don’t spam your followers with it. I know this shit gets annoying son. I mean i just go through my dash and see 24 posts of the same-….yeah u get the point
If you choose Option 2 of the prize: it will come with the posters in a nice poster tube.
Inbox must be open so I could message you if you’re chosen to be the winner
No giveaway blogs. 
I will not entertain anonymous questions about the giveaway so please don’t be afraid to ask questions unanon. 
Yes I will ship anywhere in the world and I don’t care if you’re in Narnia or the Bermuda triangle.
The winner would be chosen via random generator like my last giveway.
If the winner doesnt reply in 24 hours after my announcement when the giveaway ends, I will choose another winner.
Giveaway ends on: JULY 25, 2013. 11:59 KST
Have fun and goodluck!
if my mom told you to follow me then it’s over.
u r disqualified
i aM 2 sexi 4 u

One Of A Kind Rilakkuma